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Using Technology to Improve Opportunities For Marginalised Communities

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About Us

Neurotech is an innovative start up, focused on bringing solutions from engineering and high-tech industries to the fields of education and medicine. Our work is diverse, encompassing virtual reality educational tools for neurodivergent children as well as design of robotics solutions to improve people’s everyday lives, such as with our prosthetic arm software with embodied intelligence. There is a common thread however, and this is our drive to use low-cost, high tech solutions to help people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to access them.

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The Neurotech Team

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Luke Speller


Founder and CTO

A researcher and software architect with a desire to improve the everyday experiences of marginalised groups. Luke has over fifteen years’ experience in real-world robotics and virtual reality. They has worked on projects applied these skills to cultural heritage, environmental and medical applications. Luke founded Neurotech in order to bring this technological know-how to those who could most benefit from it, both in education and medicine.

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Dr Jonah Dearlove


Founder and CEO

A medical doctor with experience in software, robotics and artificial intelligence. Jonah founded Neurotech to improve the everyday lives of students and patients through the application of cutting-edge technologies from robotics and other high-tech industries. Jonah has a particular interest in autism and education, as well as low-cost upper-limb prosthetics with natural human-machine interfaces.


Portfolio of Work

Talkback VR

VR Literacy Lessons For Neurodivergent Students

Talkback VR is an innovative VR (Virtual Reality) platform for education, built from the ground up in collaboration with neurodivergent students and their teachers in Northern Ireland. Talkback helps neurodivergent students build confidence in literacy by showing vignettes of a story as students read and answer questions in VR. Talkback features an innovative Talkback feature, that lets students answer questions out loud, and their parents can listen back to their answers from home to easily follow how their child's reading comprehension is progressing.  By building confidence and making reading more visual, Talkback VR helps encourage neurodivergent students to manage the transition to mainstream classes and achieve their full potential.


Embosen Arm

Perfect Execution

In order to overcome the problem of controlling a complex prosthetic limb with only a few inputs, the Embosen arm was designed to benefit upper-limb amputees by having its own understanding of the world around us. This enables natural interactions with objects so that users can complete the activities of daily living intuitively, thinking about what they want to do, not how they need to do it. The Embosen Arm is currently a finalist in the Imagine IF! competition for start-ups in London.



Career Planning with Neurodiversity in mind

Neurotech is working with schools in Northern Ireland to develop VR software enabling post-primary neurodivergent students to discover new careers, try out jobs in VR and to guide their choices at school to achieve their ambitions. We will work with businesses and charities to include local opportunities, starting with Northern Ireland and London. If you run a business and would be interested in taking part, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

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Get in Touch

We have extensive experience in European research including H2020 and FP7 projects, SBRI as well as Innovate UK. If you would like to get in touch about any of our current projects or about potential future collaborations, then please get in touch.

London, UK

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