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Talkback VR yearly subscriptions for schools

Talkback VR has a scalable price plan allowing it to be affordable for both large and small students sizes.










Up to 10 students


Up to 3 headsets*


1 free headset

Up to 25 students


Up to 8 headsets*


1 free headset

Up to 50 students


Up to 20 headsets*


1 free headsets

Up to 100 students


Up to 40 headsets*


2 free headsets

£300 each
Hygiene Kits
£25 each
£300 each


*Headsets cost £400 per headset and can be bought up to the supported amount for each subscription bracket  .

Free headsets are only available for schools in Northern Ireland.

Hygiene kits can be bought at an addition £25 per headset, which we currently recommend for extra safety.


Lesson Library

Access to our full Library of Lessons currently at 13 and growing every month.

New Lessons

Up to 5 new lessons will be added over the course of your subscription.

Tailormade Lessons

Suggest themes and topics and we will create new lessons around this (Medium or Large only).

Online Handouts

Bring the Lessons into the classroom with online handouts relating to each lesson.

Student Checkup

An Online portal helps you keep track of your students progress.

Share with Parents

A portal for parents will allows them to see how there child is progressing with Talkback. 

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